Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism Flash Blog..

This is going on today! Please go on over and check it out.  If you have something to contribute-please do.  There are many voices that need to be heard.

"This is Autism" Flashblog

Last Monday, Autism Speaks told the world that autism is:

 . . . living in despair

 . . . fear of the future

 . . .exhausted, broken parents

. . . lost, helpless, burdensome children

. . .  a national emergency

If that's not what autism is to you, join us on Monday November 18th for the "This is Autism" flashblog.

What is it?

A flashblog is a day when a group of people share their thoughts about a single topic. You can post something on your own blog and let us know about it or you can submit your contribution here and we'll post it for you. Then we'll share everyone's posts throughout the day on Monday, here and across the web using Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to get the word out.

What Should I Submit?

Tell us what "This is Autism" means to you. You can write a paragraph or a blog post, contribute a poem or a video, make a comic or a graphic. Use your imagination. Let's tell the world what autism is in the words and works of autistic people and those who love and support them. 

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! The flashblog is open to autistic individuals as well as parents, family members and allies of autistic people. 

Great! I'm in! How Do I Submit?

Submit your contribution by addding it to the Google Document or emailing it to

What you should include in your submission:
  • A link to your contribution or the full text of your post. If you send a link, let us know if we should: link to it, reprint it with a link, or link it with a short quote. We will embed videos, comics and other graphics unless you tell us not to. 
  • How you want to be credited.
Please be patient, we will be scheduling posts all day on Monday, November 18th until every submission has been posted.

Thank you for making the "This is Autism" flashblog a success!

** Special thanks to Alyssa at Because Patterns for the Tumblr/Twitter avatar. 

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